Commercial Wood Fence Gallery

Classic and economical

Pickens can help. We’ll guide you through the process and discuss the best options for you and your budget so that it’s always greener on your side of the fence. We specialize in security enclosures for medical, pharmaceutical, industrial and warehouse facilities all over Central Ohio. Pickens also installs decorative options that will enhance the landscaping of financial institutions and office complexes. We can set you up with temporary fencing that can be stored or hauled away, and Pickens can save you money by repairing—instead of replacing—worn or broken fences. Contact Pickens for dumpster enclosures in wood, chain link or vinyl; as well as baseball field backstops, and enclosures for schools, parks, public playgrounds and pools.

Pickens uses treated or cedar for our wood fences, with treated or cedar posts. An alternate post system called OZ is also available. While most wood fences are built with two stringers, Pickens uses three stringers on our 6’ tall fences for maximum stability. Also, we make sure to use only aluminum nails on cedar to prevent the black streaks that one can get with galvanized nails. And, while most large gates use 4×4 posts, Pickens uses 4×6 posts to insure that your gate swings perfectly for years to come.